Blog posts 005

Short things


This week I wrote two posts:

  • The first is a list I made of short non-fiction books. Many books are excessively long, but these ones all come in under 250pp. They might help you hit your target of books read each year…

  • The second is about a short TV show: Flavorful Origins. I contend it’s the best thing on Netflix, and no one argued with me on Twitter, so I must be right… If you do watch it, please tell me what you think!

Elsewhere, music and culture critic Ted Gioia has just launched a Substack. He suggests in his debut column we are about to enter a period of festive and cultural revival post-pandemic – I hope so!

Ted’s brother Dana is also an accomplished student of culture, and was recently interviewed by Tyler Cowen. If you are into high culture (or, like me, wish you were more into it), then you should have a listen/read.

Til next week,